Ensaladas - Salads

Ensalada de Pollo - Chicken breast Salad with lettuce, tomatoes, onions   Add Aguacate – Avocado 

Ensalada de Frutas
– Fruit Salad    Small   Large

Your choice of fruit(Pineapple, Strawberry, Papaya, Watermelon, Apple, Jicama, Cucumber, Banana)

Your choice of topping(Chile, Lime and salt or Granola & Honey)

Botanas - Snacks

Elotes - Sweet Corn
Nachos - Nachos
Papas – Potato chips
Papas Preparadas  
Potato chips prepared with chili, cheese, pork rinds and lime
Chicharrones  - Fried Pork Rinds with Valentina sauce
Chicharron preparado - Fried Pork Rinds with Cheese, Chili, Lime
Cheetos con queso  -  Cheetos with Cheese
Dorilocos  - Doritos with Chile and Cheese
Taquis con Ques o

Comidas Calientes - Hot Foods

Arepa de Queso
Empanada Pollo
Empanada Carne
Sandwich Jamon & Queso
Ham & Cheese Sandwich
Sandwich Jamon, Queso & Huevo
Ham, Cheese & Egg
Sandwich Cubano
Sandwich Media Noche
Soup of the Day

Nieves - Ice Cream
1 scoop, 2 scoops, 3 scoops, 4 scoops
5 scoops. Take Home 10 scoops
Served in Your choice of cup or Waffle Cone
Ask for extra Toppings

Galleta Maria
Cajeta - Caramel
Chicle Rosado - Pink Bubblegum
Chicle Azul - Blue Bubblegum
Capuchino - Cappuccino
Mamey - Mamey
Vainilla - Vanilla
Pina Colada - Pineapple with Coconut
Coco - Coconut
Chocolate - Chocolate
Oreo Cookie - Oreo Cookie
Beso de Angel
Fresa en Leche - Strawberry in milk
Fresa con crema - Strawberry with cream
Nuez - Peanut
Mocha - Café
Cereza - Cherry
Pistachio - Pistachio
Queso - Cheese
Ronpope - Egg Nog
Gansito - Mexican chocolate cookie with Strawberry
Cheesecake - Cheesecake
Tequila - Tequila
Choco Chips – Chocolate with sprinkles
Pie de Limon - Key Lime PieLimon - Lime
Mango - Mango
Mango Chile - Spicy Mango
Tamarindo - Tamarindo
Guayaba - Guava
Fresa - Strawberry
Guanabana - Soursop
Pepino Chamoy - Spicy Cucumber

Snowcones with Chamoy, Chile, Lime and Tamarind.
Small - Medium

Aguas Frescas
Fresh infused water Small Large (Seasonal Fruit)

Fresa - Strawberry Nuez - Peanut Natural - Plain
Small  Medium  Large  X-Large
Choose your flavor, yogurt is prepared with fresh fruit and topped off with granola. Add an extra topping

Paletas de Fruta - Fruit Based Popsicles

Tamarindo -
Membrillo - Quince fruit
Limon - Lime
Mango - Mango
Mango con chile - Mango Chile
Melon Cantaloupe / Honeydew
Sandia - Watermelon
Piña - Pineapple
Fresa - Strawberry
Guayaba - Guava
Guanabana - Soursop
Mamey - Mamey
Chicle Azul - Blue Bubblegum
Chicle Rosa - Pink Bubblegum
Oreo - Oreo Cookies
Cajeta - Carmel
Nance - Nance
Tequila - Tequila
Pistachio - Pistachio
Vainilla - Vanilla
Ronpope - Egg Nog
Chocolate - Chocolate
Café - Coffee
Coco - Coconut
Fresa - Strawberry
Fresa con crema - Strawberry with Cream
Nuez - Peanut

Small   Medium   Large  X-Large

La Tropical Vida/La Vida Tropical - Mango, pineapple and banana mixed with exquisite

La Berry Delicious Vida/ La Vida Deliciosa - A delicious mix of blueberries, raspberries.

Corazon de Melon – Just the right combination of Watermelon, canteloupe, honeydew melón and mango to sweeten up your heart

Banana Berry – Strawberry and bananas Papaya and Mango

Jugos Naturales - Fresh Squeezed Juices
Small   Medium   Large   X-Large 

Jugo de Naranja - Freshly squeezed Orange Juice
Naranja & Zanahoria - Freshly squeezed Orange Juice and Carrots Betabel & Zanahoria - Beet roots and Carrots

Natural Juice

Jugos Especiales - Specialty Juices

Small Medium Large X-Large

Life of My Detox - A healthy mix of cucumber, green apples, pear, kale, lemon and ginger to help detox your body.

Life of My Energy - Spinach, red apples, pineapple, lemon, ginger and a dash of cayenne pepper to kickstart your day with great energy.

Life of My Eyes - Carrots, red apples, ginger, just the right amount of Vitamins A, C and lots of antioxidants to maintain beautiful skin and healthy eyes.

Tango Life - Carrot, Beet root, Celery, Spinach, Ginger root, lime, Jalapeno.

The Green Life - Cucumber, green apples, lemon, celery and spinach to maintain overall body health, rehydrate your skin and aid in good digestion.

Life of My Heart - Beet root, carrots, red apples, lemon juice, a perfect combination of immune boosting vitamin C, antioxidants and a generous portion of beet root to help boost your energy and lower your blood pressure.

Morning Glory – Freshly squeezed Orange Juice, Beet root and carrots for a glorified morning boost packed with vitamin C.

Delicious Mexican treat made of mango, chamoy, chile,lime and salt. Small - Medium - Large

Malteadas – Milkshakes
Available in any milk based ice cream
Small - Medium - Large

Charolas de Frutas - Fruit Party Platters
Served with your choice flavor of Yogurt for dipping and granola Small fruit platter (Serves 8-10)
Medium fruit platter (Serves 12-14)
Large fruit platter (Serves 16-20)

Specialty Items
Fresas con Crema - Delicious fresh Strawberries with cream - Seasonal item. 
Small   Medium Large X-Large 

Banana Split - Banana, 3 scoops of ice cream, covered with Chocolate syrup, whipped cream and a cherry on top.

A warm and delicious Chocolate Mexican drink with corn flour, panela and milk.   
Medium    Large

A warm and delicious hot drink with panela and milk. Medium   Large
Fresa - Strawberry 
Vainilla - Vanilla
Coco - Coconut

Coke or Sprite Can
Colombian Soft drinks
Manzana Postobon can
Colombiana Can
Pony Malta

Cafe - Coffee
Medium       Large

Cafe con Leché
Cafe Americano
Café Latte